Haryana launches portal for farmers to report land and crop details

  1. Haryana government has launched ‘Meri Fasal Mera Byora’ portal.
  2. This portal enables farmers to self-report their land and crop details through IT based system and help them receive the benefit of several government schemes directly.
  3. The portal has brought the departments of agriculture and farmer’s welfare,revenue, food civil supplies and consumer affairs and science and technology on a single platform for the betterment of the farmers.
  4. The farmers will be required to upload information like (a)name of crop sown (b)area under cultivation (c)cropping month (d)bank account number and (e)mobile number.
  5. This system would also make crop damage assessment during natural calamities and disbursal of relief easier.Also,the information relating to sowing,harvesting season and mandi related information would be provided on real time basis.