Him Vijay Exercise

News: China has raised strong objection to the ongoing Him Vijay military exercise.


  • Exercise Him Vijay is taking place in October, 2019 in Arunachal Pradesh.
  • The exercise is to test mobility, communication and coordination of such huge body of fast-moving troops in difficult terrain.
  • It is first time the integrated battle groups (IBGs) is taking part in an exercise
  • Three mountain IBGs carved out of Panagarh-based 17 Corps’ (Mountain Strike Corps) 59 Mountain Division is taking part in the exercise.

Additional Information:

About Integrated Battle groups:

  • IBGs are brigade-sized, agile, self-sufficient combat formations which can swiftly launch strikes against adversary in case of hostilities.
  • Each IBG is tailor-made based on Threat, Terrain and Task and resources will be allotted based on the three Ts.
  • The IBGs are defensive and offensive. The offensive IBGs  are trained to quickly mobilise and make thrust into enemy territory for strikes,
  • On the other hand, the defensive IBGs are trained to hold ground at vulnerable points or where enemy action is expected.
  • Integrated Battle Groups both on the Western and Northern borders have been created for quicker and formidable launch of attack on enemy.