Huawei fights back against U.S. blackout with Texas lawsuit

  1. Chinese tech giant Huawei has sued United States government over a legislation that prevents US federal agencies from using its product.Huawei argues that the federal ban is a piece of legislation that punishes an individual or organization without trial.
  2. The restrictions were imposed because American authorities consider there was a risk in using Huawei products as it could be used by China for illegal surveillance.
  3. In 2018,Canadian authorities had arrested Huawei’s global chief financial officer at the request of the US.US had filed for extradition of the officer as they alleged that Huawei may have have tricked financial institutions into making transactions that violated US sanctions against Iran.
  4. This lawsuit comes in the backdrop of US-China trying to ease trade tensions with talks on trade deal.But this deal may get impacted over a dispute about Huawei.