IAF inks Rs 300 crore deal to procure Spice bombs from Israel

  1. The Indian Air Force(IAF) has signed Rs 300-crore deal with the Israeli government to buy as 100 SPICE bombs.The newly ordered SPICE bombs are an advanced version of SPICE-2000 bombs.
  2. Spice 2000 Bombs are the same explosives which was used by the IAF to target Jaish-e-Mohammed camps in Balakot, Pakistan on February 26,2019.
  3. SPICE stands for Smart, Precise Impact, Cost Effective.The bomb comes from a family of standoff air-to-ground weapon systems.It is basically an electro-optical/GPS guidance kit to convert air dropped unguided bombs into precision guided ‘Smart’ bombs.
  4. SPICE has a stand-off range of 60 km.It is a highly sophisticated piece of weaponry.These bombs are difficult to detect by most ground-based radars.SPICE can also overcome errors in locating the target,GPS jamming and reduces collateral damage.
  5. A precision-guided munition (PGM, smart weapons, smart munition, smart bomb) is a guided munition intended to precisely hit a specific target to minimize collateral damage and increase lethality against intended targets.

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