ICRISAT hosts multi-nation meet to tackle Fall Army Worm

  1. ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics) has hosted representatives from eight nations to understand the challenges and find solutions to tackle the rapidly growing problem of Fall Armyworm(FAW).
  2. This workshop was aimed at fostering collaboration between national and regional institutions as well as the private sector to support farmers in making informed decisions on FAW management.
  3. Fall Armyworm is an invasive agricultural pest. It was first reported in West Africa in 2016, the pest quickly assumed epidemic proportions and spread to over 44 African countries.In India, its infection was first reported in Karnataka in 2018
  4. It is a lepidopteran pest that feeds in large numbers on the leaves and stems of more than 80 plant species,causing extensive damage to crops such as maize,rice,sorghum and sugarcane.It also attacks vegetable crops and cotton.
  5. FAW can be controlled with insecticides through natural enemies or by inter-cropping.A species is considered invasive when it reproduces and spreads successfully in a non-native area,where it may have harmful effects on native plants and animals.

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