IIT Delhi 3D prints human skin

  1. Researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT),Delhi has successfully 3D bioprinted human skin models that have certain anatomically relevant structural,mechanical and biochemical features similar to native human skin.
  2. Three-dimensional printing(3D printing) also known as Additive manufacturing(AM) is a process of joining materials to make objects from 3D model data,usually layer upon layer.It is basically a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file.
  3. The bioprinted skin is composed of two important layers — the inner dermis (made of fibroblasts) and the outer epidermis (keratinocytes, melanocytes).The junction between the two layers is not flat but is undulatory or wavy.
  4. The undulatory morphology is important as it provides (a)biochemical cues and mechanical support to the epidermis layer (b)provides structural stability to the skin by making the two layers adhere to each other and (c)not allow cells to cross the junction.
  5. The bioprinted skin model can be used for (a)testing cosmetics (b)reduce and probably even replace testing on animals and (c)can also be used for testing dermatology drugs on human skin and at a future date even help in testing drugs for personalised medicine.

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