IIT Guwahati develops hand-held device to detect bacteria without going to lab

  1. Researchers at Indian Institute of Technology,Guwahati have developed a low-cost,hand-held device to detect bacteria called as Organic Field Effect Transistor(OFET).
  2. The device has the ability to detect bacteria rapidly without the need for cell culture and microbiological assays.
  3. The OFET is an electronic device that works on the principle which charges in the vicinity of the channels of certain semiconductors which can induce a current in them.Thus,the charges on the surface of the bacterium induces a current in the OFET which is registered and read.
  4. The device can not only detect bacteria but also differentiate between Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria.
  5. The device was developed in a bid to overcome the prevailing challenge of detecting bacterial infection through time-consuming techniques.
  6. The device will enable rapid detection of bacteria which is important not only in healthcare but also help in monitoring environmental applications. At present,the detection of bacteria in body fluids is done in laboratories.