In a first, Maharashtra gets biometric database to list criminals

  1. Maharashtra has become the first state in the country to adopt automated multimodal biometric identification system(AMBIS).
  2. AMBIS unit comprises a computer terminal,a camera and iris,fingerprint, and palm scanners.It also includes a portable system to dust off and capture fingerprints from crime scenes.
  3. AMBIS system collates data and enables automated identification of criminal records using fingerprint, face and iris recognition.The system was developed in France and adapted to meet the state’s requirements with the help of Indian Institute of Technology professors,
  4. AMBIS helps investigators trace suspects and ascertain whether a suspect has a criminal record.The system has a capacity to store the data of 20 lakh criminals.It can go through its archives and give results in 0.45 milliseconds.
  5. Additionally,data from AMBIS can be shared with the National Crime Records Bureau(NCRB) and investigation agencies from other states and courts, including foreign agencies like Interpol.