India contributes 1 million to UN Fund

  1. India has contributed 1 million US Dollars to the United Nations Special Purpose Trust Fund(SPTF).
  2. SPTF is a specific fund housed within United Nation(UN) Secretariat.It was established to receive, consolidate, manage and account for all contributions as well as financial transactions of new Resident Coordinator(RC) system.
  3. SPTF web portal displays in real time all commitments, contributions and expenditures recorded for the fund.
  4. The portal aims to enhance effective coordination of UN’s work in more than 160 countries in support of UN sustainable development goals (SDGs) and is part of a wider UN reform efforts on development, management, peace and security.
  5. Resident Coordinator(RC) system aims to bring together different United Nations(UN) agencies that deals with operational activities for development irrespective of their formal presence in the country.