India holds the first ever INDSAT exam under ‘ Study in India’ Programme

News: Ministry of Human Resource Development(HRD) has conducted the first ever Indian Scholastic Assessment(Ind-SAT) Test 2020 under its ‘Study in India’ programme.


  • Ind-SAT: It is an exam conducted for grant of scholarships and admissions to foreign students for studying in select Indian universities under the Study in India programme.

Additional Facts:

  • Study in India Programme: It is an initiative launched by the Ministry of HRD in 2018 that aims to make India a preferred education hub for students all across the globe by elevating its position in the global educational landscape.
  • Implementation: It is implemented by EdCIL (Educational Consultants of India), a Central Public Sector Enterprises(CPSE) under the Ministry of Human Resource Development(MHRD).