India, Russia to conclude mutual logistics agreement

News:India and Russia are expected to conclude the Agreement on Reciprocal Logistics Support(ARLS).


About Agreement on Reciprocal Logistics Support(ARLS):

  • The Agreement on Reciprocal Logistics Support(ARLS) is a proposed Military Logistics Support Agreement(MLSA) between India and Russia.
  • The agreement aims to simplify interoperability and enable military platforms to receive support and supplies across bases in both nations. 
  • The logistics agreement will be beneficial to the Indian Navy as warships will get access to mutual ports and exclusive economic zones to refuel and pick up supplies.
  • On the other hand,Russia can also use ports like Mumbai and Visakhapatnam.Besides ports, Russia would also be able to access airbases.

Additional information:

About Logistics agreement:

  • Logistics agreements are administrative arrangements facilitating access to each other’s military facilities for fuels and services between countries.
  • Since 2016,India has signed militarily logistics sharing agreements with the US, France, Oman, and Singapore.
  • India is looking to conclude three Military Logistics Support Agreements (MLSA) by the year-end with Japan, Russia and Australia.