India set to join heavyweight torpedo club

  1. The Indian Navy has decided to induct the indigenously developed heavyweight torpedo “Varunastra” into its arsenal. This will put India in a group of only eight countries that have the capability to manufacture heavyweight torpedoes
  2. Torpedo is self-propelled underwater missile, launched from a submarine, surface vessel, or airplane and designed for exploding upon contact with the target.
  3. Varunastra has been developed by the Naval Science and Technology Laboratory (NTSL), Visakhapatnam. NTSL is a premiere laboratory of Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).
  4. Varunastra can be launched from ships and submarines. It can also be launched from ashore. It is equipped with one of the most advanced automatic and remote-controlled guidance systems. The weapon system uses its own intelligence in tracing the target.
  5. It is seven to eight metres long, weighs 1,500 kg and has a diameter of 533 mm. When fired it can travel at 40 knots, or 74 kmph. The operational range is 40 km and it can carry a warhead weighing 250 kg.

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