India to launch coffee consumption drive

  1. India has planned to launch a coffee consumption campaign on behalf of global coffee growers who suffered huge financial losses on account of falling coffee prices and soaring labour cost.
  2. The five-year coffee consumption campaign will be organised in collaboration with top global roasters including Nestle,Starbucks,cafe chains and the Government of India.
  3. As per International Coffee Organization(ICO),25 million farmers which includes more than 3 lakh in India produce coffee in 60 countries.Over 90% of these growers are smallholders and are forced to sell their coffee at a price much below the cost of production.
  4. This scenario has led to socio-economic issues.These growers and their families have gone deeper into debts.Many even have abandoned their farms and migrated to cities.
  5. To bring world coffee producers out of this poverty stricken situation, World Coffee Producers Forum has decided to reach out to the coffee consuming countries around the world