India-US Science and Technology agreement

News:Union Cabinet has approved the proposal for Agreement on Science and Technology Cooperation between India and the United States.


Features of the agreement:

  • India and the United States will share scientific and technical information and experts.
  • The agreement would also enable cooperation between the countries in training the scientists and experts according to the requirements.
  • They will also conduct cooperative research projects and seminars.
  • The countries will also establish science and innovation-based public-private partnerships.
  • Use of advance research facilities by both the countries.

Significance of the agreement:

  • The agreement will open a new chapter in bilateral relations as both sides will leverage complementary strengths in science and technology.
  • It would also provide an opportunity to promote quality research and innovation partnerships as well as expand the relationships between the extensive scientific and technological communities. 
  • The agreement will also provide opportunities to promote high impact innovative partnerships.