Indian Navy’s maiden nuclear, biological and chemical training facility inaugurated in Lonavla

  1. Chief of Naval Staff inaugurated the nuclear,biological and chemical training facility(NBCTF) ‘Abhedya’ at INS Shivaji in Lonavala, Maharashtra.This facility has been built by Goa Shipyard Limited.
  2. The word “Abhedya” means ‘impenetrable’.It symbolises the protective cover that is provided on naval ships fitted with nuclear,biological and chemical detection and protection systems.
  3. This training facility will assist Indian Navy in providing realistic simulation of Nuclear,Chemical and Biological (NBC) warfare to its personnel during their NBC damage control training.It will train in detecting,monitoring,surveying and decontaminating areas using actual NBC equipment by providing real time NBC scenarios.
  4. INS Shivaji is a premier Technical Training Establishment of Indian Navy that trains officers and sailors of marine engineering branch and equips them with professional skills and expertise.It is located in Lonavala, Maharashtra.
  5. INS Shivaji already has two simulators for damage control and fire fighting on board and NBCTF will be the third simulator.Simulators are equipped with advanced sensors,which can detect and measure the exact contamination of NBC components in water and air, and can be used for training on how to nullify ship compartments and operate in case of a nuclear, chemical or biological attack.