Japan gives UN World Food Programme $69m

  1. Japan has donated $69 million to the United Nations World Food Programme to provide vital aid to 28 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, with the biggest share of the money being earmarked for Yemen and Iraq.Japan is one of WFP’s top donors and has contributed $958 million to the UN agency since 2014.
  2. The World Food Programme is a United Nations agency formed in 1961.It is focused on hunger alleviation and food security.Globally,it responds to emergencies making sure food reaches where it is needed,especially in times of civil strife and natural disasters.
  3. WFP is a member of the United Nations Development Group and part of its Executive Committee.The WFP operations are funded by voluntary donations from world governments,corporations and private donors. WFP food aid is also directed to fight micronutrient deficiencies,reduce child mortality,improve maternal health and combat disease including HIV and AIDS.
  4. WFP’s four objectives are (a)Save lives and protect livelihoods in emergencies (b)Support food security and nutrition and (re)build livelihoods in fragile settings and following emergencies (c)Reduce risk and enable people,communities and countries to meet their own food and nutrition needs and (d)Reduce undernutrition and break the intergenerational cycle of hunger.