Indian Railways’ first waste to energy plant commissioned

News:The first waste to energy plant of Indian Railways has been commissioned by the East Coast Railways(ECoR).


About the waste to energy plant:

  • The waste to energy plant converts waste collected from the garbage disposal units into carbon powder, diesel and gas using Poly Crack Technology.
  • The diesel oil is to be sold by the Railways to other stakeholders for commercial purposes.
  • The gas and carbon powder are to be used in brick manufacturing. Further,the plant also does not leave any waste at the end.

Additional information:

About Poly crack technology:

  • Poly crack technology is a process which converts multiple feed stocks into hydrocarbon liquid fuels, gas, carbon and water.
  • The benefit of this process is that it does not require pre-segregation. However, it requires a larger area for processing.

Note:This is the fourth waste to energy plant in the country.The first was set up by Infosys at Bangalore in 2011.The second one was established at Moti Bagh, Delhi in 2014 and third one was set up at Hindalco in 2019.