India’s ASAT test a response to growing space threats:France

  1. French Envoy to India has supported India’s Anti-Satellite (ASAT) missile test.The French envoy has said that India’s ASAT missile test is a response to the growing threat posed by the defence and offensive space technologies which are being developed with various aims of spying,gaining control,deactivating service and destroying.
  2. However,he also emphasised on regulation of space traffic in view of the overlapping trajectories of satellites.He said that outer space has become an arena of rivalry between major powers and there was a common concern on space debris.
  3. Space debris are artificial material that is orbiting Earth but is no longer functional. According to the Report of Second U.N. Conference on Exploration and Peaceful Uses of Outer Space 1982, space debris consists of dead satellites, spent rocket motors, nuts and bolts etc. Examples:China’s Tiangong-1,Fengyun-1C weather satellite of China.
  4. India had recently completed Mission Shakti.Mission Shakti is an anti-Satellite(ASAT) missile test.ASAT are missile-based systems to attack moving satellites.The mission has been carried out by bringing down one of the Indian satellites in the low earth orbit.The test was aimed at strengthening the capability to safeguard space assets and India’s overall security.
  5. Mission Shakti has been particularly significant as the acquisition and demonstration of ASAT technology has made India a member of an elite group of countries that claim to have anti-satellite weapons. Only the United States, Russia and China have had demonstrated this capability

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