Indonesia releases special stamp on theme of Ramayana

  1. Indonesia has released a special commemorative stamp on the theme of Ramayana during an event to celebrate the 70th anniversary of diplomatic ties with India.
  2. The stamp is designed by renowned Indonesian sculptor. It features a scene from Kakawin Ramayana in which Jatayu valiantly fought to save Sita.
  3. The event also showcased a special photo exhibit chronicling some of the landmark moments in the diplomatic engagements that have characterised India-Indonesia bilateral ties from 1949-2019.
  4. Kakawin Ramayana is an Old Javanese rendering of the Sanskrit Ramayana. It is written in kakawin meter,the Javanese form of kavya,a poem modelled on traditional Sanskrit meters.
  5. It is believed to have been written in Central Java(modern Indonesia) in approximately 870 AD during the era of Medang Kingdom.