Institution of Eminence

News:The Delhi University(DU) has decided to defer discussion on the issue of ‘Institute of Eminence’ status for DU following opposition from the members of its Executive Council who has said that the institute of eminence tag will lead to privatisation of the university.


About Institution of Eminence (IoE) Scheme

  • The Institution of Eminence scheme is a scheme of Ministry of Human Resource Development pertaining to higher education institutions (HES) in India
  • Aim: To develop 20 world-class teaching and research institutions

Objectives of the scheme:

  • To bring higher educational institutions selected as IoEs in top 500 world ranking in the next 10 years and in top 100 eventually overtime
  • To provide world class teaching and research facilities to Indian students within the country and enhance the general level of education.
  • To pay special attention to teaching and research in unique and emerging areas of knowledge.

Key Benefits of Institutions of Eminence tag:

  • Government Institutions to get additional funding up to 1000 Cr.
  • Complete academic, administrative and financial autonomy
  • Exemption from government approvals for academic collaborations with foreign HES (in top 500)
  • Freedom to hire personnel from industry as faculty, and recruit faculty from outside India (25% limit of its faculty strength)
  • Freedom to have own transparent merit based system for admission of students.
  • Will not be subjected to the UGC Inspections.