IRSDC enters into tripartite pact with French Railways, agency

  1. The Indian Railway Station Development Corp (IRSDC)has  entered into a tripartite agreement with French Railways and French Development Agency(AFD).
  2. Under this pact,AFD will provide in-kind grant of up to 7 lakh euros through French National Railways-Hubs as a technical partner to IRSDC to support the railway station development programme in India.
  3. India and France have a strong and long standing prosperous partnership in the railway sector.
  4. French Railways in the past has been associated with Indian Railways in conducting speed upgradation study for Delhi-Chandigarh section and station development of Ludhiana and Ambala station.
  5. The IRSDC is a special purpose vehicle (SPV) of the Government of India that has been designed to develop new stations and redevelop existing Indian railway station.
  6. The core purpose of IRSDC as envisioned is to build a world class railway stations that apply state of the art sustainable technologies in delivering delight to the users.

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