Jal Jeevan Mission

News: Jal Sakti Ministry has said that States, aside from those in the North East and the Himalayan region, will have to bear half the fiscal burden of the Jal Jeevan Mission


About Jal Jeevan Mission:

  • Aim: It seeks to provide safe and adequate drinking water through individual household tap connections (HarGharJal) to all rural households by 2024.
  • Implementing Agency: It will be implemented by Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation under the Jal Shakti Ministry.
  • Finance:
    • The project is estimated to cost Rs 3.60 lakh crore, with the Union government and non-Northeast and non-Himalayan states sharing the expenses 50:50.
    • However, in the case of N-E and Himalayan states, the funding pattern will be 90:10.
    • In Union Territories, the Centre will bear the full cost of the programme
  • Features:
  • It will focus on integrated demand and supply-side management of water at the local level.
  • It will implement source sustainability measures recharge and reuse through grey water management, water conservation, rain water harvesting.
  • It will converge with other Central and State Government Schemes to achieve its objectives of sustainable water supply management across India.
  • It seeks to generate maximum community participation in the form of ‘jan andolan’ to achieve the target of functional household tap connection by 2024.
  • Need: According to the Jal Shakti Ministry, only 18% of India’s rural households have access to piped water. Thus to improve coverage of households with piped safe drinking water the mission has been initiated.