Kanyashree stipends are no shield against trafficking

  1. Despite being beneficiaries of the kanyashree scheme,the three young women were the victims of human trafficking between 2016-18.
  2. Kanyashree is a conditional cash transfer scheme of West Bengal.It is aimed at improving the status and well being of the girl child by incentivising schooling of teenage girls and delaying their marriages until the age of 18. It received the United Nations Public Service Award last year.
  3. Through the initiative,cash was deposited into the bank account of girls for every year they remained in school and were unmarried.This initiative led to a drastic reduction in child marriage, increase in female education and female empowerment.
  4. West Bengal government has also rolled out Swayangsiddha(which means self reliance) scheme to prevent trafficking.Under the scheme complaint boxes have been installed in the schools where girls can submit any complaint of stalking or harassment faced by them or any of their friends.