Krishna Raja Sagar(KRS) Dam

News:The water level in the Krishna Raja Sagar(KRS) Dam in Karnataka is coming down due to increase in the evaporation rate and the decrease in the inflows as a result of summer.


About Krishna Raja Sagar Dam:

  • The Krishna Raja Sagar Dam was built across river Cauvery in 1932.It is named for the then ruler of the Mysore Kingdom, Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV.
  • The dam is the main source of drinking water for the Mysore city and almost the whole of Bangalore,Karnataka.
  • Further,the water is also used as an important source of water in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Additional information:

About Cauvery River:

  • The Cauvery River originates in Karnataka’s Kodagu district flows into Tamil Nadu and reaches the Bay of Bengal at Poompuhar. 
  • The parts of three Indian states namely Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka and the Union Territory of Puducherry lie in the Cauvery basin.