Madhavpur Mela

News:The eight States of the Northern Eastern Region will participate in a big way during the Madhavpur Mela of Gujarat.


About Madhavpur Mela:

  • The Madhavpur annual fair is held at Madhavpur Ghed in Porbandar district of Gujarat.
  • The purpose of the Mela is to bring various parts of the country especially the North-East close to other states.
  • The Madhavpur shares its connect to the Mishmi Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh as the tribe traces its ancestry to the legendary King Bhishmak and through him to his daughter Rukmini and Lord Krishna.
  • Hence,the festival celebrates the immortal journey which Rukmini undertook from Arunachal Pradesh to Gujarat with Lord Krishna.

Additional information:

About Mishmi tribe:

  • The Mishmi or Deng people of Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh are an ethnic group comprising mainly three tribes Idu Mishmi, Digaro tribe and Miju Mishmi.
  • The Idu-Mishmi believes that Rukmini belonged to their tribe.The plays and dances on ‘Rukmini haran’ are conducted by the tribe.