Madhubani art comes alive on face masks

News: The Madhubani art is coming alive after artists are using the art for making masks.


  • Madhubani painting is also referred as Mithila Art as it originated in the Mithila region of Bihar. 
  • Characteristics: The painting is done using fingers, twigs, brushes and nib-pens, wherein sketches are made with folk motifs of Mithila.It is also characterised by its eye-catching geometrical patterns.
  • Significance: This style of painting has been traditionally done by the women of the region, though today men are also involved to meet the demand. 
  • Colours: The colours used in paintings comprise natural extracts from plants and other natural sources. E.g.: Black colour is obtained by mixing soot with cow dung; blue from indigo among others.
  • Themes: Figures from nature & mythology are adapted to suit their style. The themes & designs widely painted are of Hindu deities such as Krishna, Rama, Saraswati, wedding scenes among others.