Malaysia to send back plastic waste to foreign nations

  1. Malaysia has said that it will return 450 tonnes of contaminated plastic waste to the countries that shipped it, in a refusal to become a dumping ground for the world’s trash.
  2. The waste-filled containers will be shipped to Malaysia from the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh.
  3. Malaysia has been struggling with foreign waste ever since China banned plastic waste imports in 2018 in an effort to improve its environment. China’s move have resulted developed nations to frequently export waste to other developing nations such as Malaysia.
  4. According to a November 2018 Greenpeace report, Malaysia is the “new dumping site” for plastic waste from more than 19 countries. Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines have also become common grounds for plastic waste from other countries.
  5. Recently, during the Basel Conference of the Parties, 180 Governments except the United States, amended the Basel Convention to include plastic waste in a legally-binding framework.  The aims is to ensure make global trade in plastic waste more transparent and better regulated, whilst also ensuring that its management is safer for human health and the environment
  6. The Basel Convention came into force in 1992.It intends to reduce trans boundary movements of hazardous waste from developed to less developed countries (LDCs) and ensure their safe disposal as closely as possible to the source of generation

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