Maldives should not try balancing ties with India and China

  1. Former Maldives President has said that Maldives should not try to balance relations with India and China.
  2. He has said that Maldives should maintain cultural ties with China.But the country cannot afford to have defence cooperation with China.
  3. These statements came in the backdrop of Indian Prime Minister state visit to the Maldives.During the visit,India reaffirmed its Neighbourhood first policy while Maldives strongly conveyed its India first policy.
  4. Indian Prime Minister was also conferred the prestigious Order of Distinguished Rule of Nishan Izzuddeen during the visit.
  5. India-Maldives ties has improved after the election of new Maldivian President.Earlier,ties had dipped to an all-time low under former president.
  6. Maldives is a key country in the Indian Ocean region and lies in the heart of busy shipping lanes connecting Africa and Asia.

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