Margadarshan and Margadarshak scheme

News:Union Human Resource Development Minister has launched the Margadarshan and Margdarshak scheme.



  • Under this scheme,institutions having good accreditation records or the top-performing institutions are selected to mentor relatively newer 10 to 12 potential institutions.
  • The best teaching and learning practices followed in the mentor institute will be simulated in the identified mentee institutions.
  • The mentee institutions will also be provided with funding up to Rs. 50 lakhs (per institution) over a period of three years (in instalments) for carrying out various activities like training, workshops, conferences among others.


  • Under this scheme, mentor teachers or Margdarshak who are either serving or superannuated but willing and motivated with good knowledge of accreditation and who can devote adequate time to make required visits to these Institutions are identified.
  • These Margdarshaks will regularly visit the mentee institutions,stay on their campus and guide them for their improvement in quality so that institutions are able to get accreditation by NBA.