Maritime communication Services

News:Union Minister for Communications, Electronics & Information Technology has launched the maritime communication services


  • Maritime Connectivity will enable high-end support, access to Voice, Data and Video services while travelling on sailing vessels, cruise liners, ships in India using satellite technology.
  • Nelco is the first Indian company that will provide broadband services to the maritime sector in Indian waters.
  • The satellite bandwidth has been provided by ISRO for providing In-flight and Maritime Communications(IFMC) service.
  • The services will help to (a)enhance the operational efficiency of Energy, Cargo and Cruise vessels and (b)improve crew welfare as well as to enable customer services.

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About In-flight and Maritime Communications(IFMC) service:

  • The IFMC licence program was announced by the government in December 2018.It seeks to liberalise satellite communications services in the country.
  • IFMC allows voice and internet services while flying over the Indian skies and sailing in Indian waters both for international and Indian aircrafts and vessels.
  • Only the authorized IFMC service provider can provide wireless voice or data or both types of services on ships within Indian territorial waters and on aircraft within or above India or Indian territorial waters.