Medical Data Leaks

News:According to a Global Report on Medical Data peak,medical details of over 120 million Indian patients have been leaked and made freely available on the Internet.


About the report:

  • The report has been published by Greenbone Sustainable Resilience,a German cybersecurity firm.
  • The first report was published in 2019 which revealed a data leak of a massive number of records including images of CT scans, X-rays, MRIs and even pictures of the patients.
  • The report classifies countries in the good, bad and ugly categories based on the action taken by the governments after the first report was made public.

Key takeaways from the report:

  • India ranks second in the ugly category after the United States of America(USA).
  • Among States,Maharashtra reported the maximum medical data leaks followed by Karnataka and West Bengal.

Implications of Medical Data Leak:

  • The knowledge about certain ailments faced by people from various fields could deal a huge blow to their image. 
  • The fake identities could also be created using the details which can be misused in any possible number of ways.