Million Farmers’ School(MFS) programme

News:Million Farmers’ School( MFS)Programme popularly known as Kisan Pathshala is a scheme of Uttar Pradesh Government.


About Million Farmers’ School(MFS) Programme:

  • The scheme aims to enhance farmers’ incomes through dissemination of agriculture-related information on technology, government schemes, and modern farming methods.
  • The scheme is an extension programme that the government of UP initiated in 2017 with a view to encourage the use of modern farming techniques to make farming more profitable, sustainable and resilient.
  • Unlike traditional extension services,MFS integrates various facets of agricultural knowledge into a packaged format, and delivers it through village-level trainings across all districts in the state.
  • The training usually comprises of a daily two-to-three hour session in the evening for a module of three to five days in the primary school building in the village.