Ministry of mines organises a workshop on Effective utilization of Red Mud

  1. Ministry of Mines has organised a workshop called ‘Waste To Wealth’ on effective utilization of ‘Red Mud’.
  2. The workshop was organised in association with Jawaharlal Nehru Aluminium Research Development and Design Centre(JNARDDC).
  3. Red Mud is a solid waste generated during the aluminium production process.This is an environmental concern due to the presence of impurities such as caustic soda and others minerals.
  4. The global generation of red mud is more than 150 million tonnes and there exists a global inventory of more than three billion tonnes.Red mud generation in India is around 9 million tonnes per year.
  5. The workshop discussed on the present status regarding the generation of Red Mud and its safe disposal and utilization.The deliberations were also held on efforts for effective utilisation of red mud with necessary government support.