Mizoram assembly passes bill to detect illegal foreigners.

  1. The Mizoram has unanimously passed the Mizoram Maintenance of Household Registers Bill, 2019. The bill seeks to detect foreigners illegally residing in Mizoram. It aims to provide a credible individual identification system and prevent appropriation of benefits of developmental schemes by those who were not entitled.
  2. The bill proposes to maintain household registers for every family in the state of Mizoram. The household register will be maintained by designated officials as well as village councils, municipal bodies and town committees.
  3. The registers will be updated every three months. It will have two categories- a) citizen residents and b) non-citizen residents of the village. The bill defines “citizens” as a person registered as such, or having requisite qualification as prescribed under the Citizenship Act, 1955. Citizenship Act, 1955 deals with acquisition and loss of citizenship in India.
  4. The state of Mizoram shares international borders with Myanmar and Bangladesh. It shares domestic borders with Manipur, Assam and Tripura