MoRTH prepares blueprint for scheme of cashless treatment of motor accident victims

News: Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has prepared a blueprint for implementing the scheme of cashless treatment of motor accident victims as contemplated under the Motor Vehicles Act,2019.


  • Aim: To provide compulsory insurance cover to all road users in the country.
  • Insurance cover: The scheme will have an insurance coverage cap of Rs 2.5 lakh per case.
  • Fund: The scheme also includes creation of a Motor Vehicle Accident Fund which would be utilized for treatment of road accident victims and for payment of compensation in hit and run cases.This includes treatment of victims during the crucial Golden hour.
  • Nodal Agency: National Health Authority (NHA) which is the nodal agency for Ayushman Bharat will implement the scheme.

Additional Facts:

  • Golden hour: It refers to the first hour after the accident during which if first aid or treatment is administered, the chances of survival of the victim drastically improve.