NAL develops Ventilator ‘SwasthVayu’ for COVID-19 patients

News:National Aerospace Laboratories(NAL), a constituent of the lab of CSIR has developed a BiPAP Ventilator named ‘SwasthVayu’.


  • SwasthVayu: It is a non-invasive (involves use of masks or similar device) ventilator for the use of non-critical non-ICU cases of Covid-19.
  • Significance:It is simple to use without any specialized nursing and is ideal for treating Covid-19 patients in wards, makeshift hospitals, dispensaries and homes in the current Indian Covid-19 scenario.

Additional Facts:

  • BiPAP:It stands for Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure ventilator.It is used in the treatment of sleep apnea, lung disease and to treat respiratory weakness.