National centre for clean coal R&D opened

News:Minister of Science & Technology has inaugurated the National Centre for Clean Coal Research and Development and has also formally launched the Interdisciplinary Centre for Energy Research(ICER).


National Centre for Clean Coal Research and Development:

  • The centre has been established as a national consortium on clean coal research and development at Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru.
  • The centre is aimed at addressing several critical R&D challenges towards the development of clean coal technologies in tandem with developing supercritical power plant technologies both at material and system level.

Interdisciplinary Centre for Energy Research(ICER):

  • The Interdisciplinary Centre for Energy Research(ICER) was inaugurated in 2012 at Indian Institute of Science (IISc).
  • The centre is equipped with modern facilities to conduct a wide spectrum of energy research through knowledge network of elite researchers.
  • The centre is focused on developing sustainable technologies for renewable energy, combustion, concentrated solar power, novel energy storage technologies, hydrogen, biofuels and biomass.
  • ICER also plans to expand its activities in several energy-related areas with an emphasis on process and material development in collaboration with the manufacturing industry.

Additional information:

  • India is the world’s third largest coal producing country and the fourth largest coal importer.It is expected to increase its coal production to about 1 billion tonne by 2020.
  • Further,India aims to increase its power capacity in the next 15 years and a significant portion of the capacity is expected to come from coal.
  • Hence,India has been focusing on clean coal technologies in line with its commitments related to climate change.
  • Under the Paris climate agreement,India has pledged to focus on clean coal technologies such as shifting towards supercritical technologies for coal-based power plants.