National Mission on Cultural Mapping

News: National Mission on Cultural Mapping (NMCM) has been set up by the Ministry of Culture in 2017.


About National Mission on Culture Mapping

Aim: It seeks to envision and address the necessity of preserving the threads of rich Indian Art and Cultural Heritage. It also aims to convert vast and widespread cultural canvass of India into an objective cultural mapping.

Objectives: Under this Mission, at broad-level, there are three important objectives as follows:

  • To undertake the cultural mapping (i.e. database of cultural assets and resources) via running nationwide cultural awareness programme called Hamari Sanskriti Hamari Pahchan Abhiyan (National Cultural Awareness Abhiyan)
  • Nationwide Artist Talent Hunt/Scouting Programme: Sanskritik Pratibha Khoj Abhiyan
  • National Cultural Workplace: Centralised Transactional Web Portal with database and demography of cultural assets and resources including all art forms and artists

Salient Features:

  • It envisages establishing a National Cultural Working Place (NCWP) portal for obtaining information, knowledge sharing, participation, performance and awards in the field of all art forms.
  • It calls for systematically building a comprehensive database of the capabilities of every individual artist over a period of time and developing a need based schemes/ provisions of Scholarship/Grants/Awards etc
  • It seeks to promote cultural activities like art, craft, weaving, wood carving, pottery, etc. through cluster-based approach for the generation of economic activities resulting in employment to a large sector of society.
  • It also calls for ranking/certifying artists of attainments of any kind at any level acquired through formal or non-formal means in conventional or non-conventional art forms