Navroz: Significance and importance

  1. The Parsi New Year also known as Navroz was celebrated on August 17 to mark the beginning of the new Iranian calendar.It is celebrated for health, wealth, prosperity and productivity.
  2. The Balkans, the Caucasus and the Middle East celebrate Navroz festival on March 21.But in India there is another version of the festival that is followed according to the Shahanshahi calendar and falls during the later months of the year.
  3. The central feature of this day is to visit the Fire Temple and offering prayers to the deities Khorshed and Meher who are considered the presiding deities of sun and moon respectively.
  4. According to Demographic predictions,by 2020,only 23,000 Parsis will be left in the country.To prevent this decline in population,Government of India had launched Jiyo Parsi scheme in 2013.
  5. The objective of the scheme is to reverse the declining trend of Parsi population by adopting a scientific protocol and structured interventions to stabilize and increase the population of Parsis in India.