Navy prepared to meet any challenge: Defence Minister

News: Indian Navy has effectively carried out Mission Based Deployments (MBD) to protect maritime interests by deploying ships and aircraft at major and sensitive locations.


  • Mission-Based Deployments(MBD) policy was adopted by the Indian Navy in 2017.
  • Under this, the Navy regularly deploys ships for Presence and Surveillance Missions (PSM), off critical choke points / sea lanes in the Indian Ocean Region(IOR).
  • In addition to the anti-piracy deployment, IN ships were also Mission Deployed for 
    • Operation ‘GULFDEP’ in the Persian Gulf
    • Operation ‘CENTDEP’ in the central Indian Ocean Region
    • Operation ‘NORDEP’ in the northern Bay of Bengal and
    • Operation ‘MALDEP’ in the Andaman Sea and approaches to the Malacca Strait.