NIT kick-starts programme under GIAN

  1. The National Institute of Technology(NIT),Tiruchi has launched a five-day programme under the Global Initiative of Academic Networks (GIAN) in Higher Education.
  2. Global Initiative Of Academic Networks (GIAN) has been launched by the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD) in 2015.
  3. GIAN aims at tapping the talent pool of scientists and entrepreneurs, internationally to encourage their engagement with the institutes of Higher Education in India.It seeks to(a)augment the country’s existing academic resources (b)accelerate the pace of quality reform and (c)elevate India’s scientific and technological capacity to global excellence.
  4. The objectives of GIAN is (a)To increase the footfalls of reputed international faculty in the Indian academic institutes.(b)Provide opportunity to faculty to learn and share knowledge and teaching skills in cutting edge areas.(c)To provide opportunity to students to seek knowledge and experience from reputed International faculty.(d)To create avenue for possible collaborative research with the international faculty and (e)To increase participation and presence of international students in the academic Institutes.