‘On the job for women’s quota’

  1. At the Mission Shakti convention in Rayagada district, Odisha, the Chief Minister of the state, has reiterated that he was making efforts to secure 33% reservation for women in Parliament and State Assemblies. In 2018, the Odisha Assembly had passed a resolution by unanimous voice vote for providing 33% reservation for women in Legislative Assemblies and Parliament. 
  2. Mission Shakti was launched in Odisha in 2001. The Mission aims at empowering women through formation and promotion of women Self Help Groups.
  3. The Odisha Chief Minister has further announced that 10 lakh more farmers will be added to the list of beneficiaries under KALIA scheme. The second phase of payments of the scheme will start from April 1, 2019
  4. KALIA scheme is a package for farmer’s welfare. KALIA stands for “Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Augmentation”. The scheme has been launched by Odisha Government to accelerate Agricultural Prosperity and reduce poverty in the State. The scheme is being implemented from Rabi Season 2018-19 onwards.
  5. Under the scheme, financial assistance of Rs.25,000 per farm family over five seasons will be provided to small and marginal farmers so that farmers can purchase inputs like seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and use assistance towards labour and other investments. Further, financial Assistance of Rs.12500 will be provided to each landless Agricultural Household for Agricultural allied activities like for small goat rearing unit, mini-layer unit, duckery units, fishery kits for fisherman, mushroom cultivation and bee-keeping, etc.