Operation Number Plate

  1. Railway Protection Force(RPF) has launched a Special Drive with a Code Named Operation Number Plate across Indian railways.
  2. The operation aims to identify and verify all vehicles parked in Railway premises, circulating area, parking lots and even in the ‘No Parking’ areas for longer duration. 
  3. The operation has been launched by Railway Protection Force(RPF) of Indian Railways with active cooperation of the Local Police and Commercial Department of Railways. 
  4. The operation was needed as unidentified vehicles are considered as a serious threat to security and safety of passengers and other stakeholders of railways.
  5. The RPF is a security force established by the Railway Protection Force Act,1957.It was established for the better protection and security of railway property.
  6. RPF has the power to search, arrest, investigate and prosecute but the ultimate power rests in the hands of the Government Railway Police.The force is under the authority of the Indian Ministry of Railways.