Pakistan acts to defuse tensions with Afghanistan

  1. Pakistan’s foreign ministry has clarified that the remarks made by Pakistan PM had been taken out of context and misinterpreted.It said that Pakistan has no other interest in Afghanistan but to promote peace through an Afghan owned and Afghan led political process.
  2. Recently,Afghanistan had recalled its ambassador from Pakistan over statements made by Pakistan Prime Minister.He had told that forming an interim Afghan government would smooth peace talks between U.S. and Taliban officials since Taliban has refused to speak to the current government.
  3. Relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan have been plagued by mistrust and at times hostility since Pakistan’s independence in 1947. Afghanistan has never recognised their common border,drawn during British colonial rule through ethnic Pashtun lands.For years,Afghanistan and the United States have accused Pakistan of supporting the Taliban as a way for Pakistan to limit the influence of India in Afghanistan.
  4. U.S. and the Taliban has held productive negotiations in Doha,Qatar aimed at ending the war in Afghanistan.However,Taliban has refused to engage with Afghan government as it considers the Afghan government illegitimate and has denied any negotiations with them.