Parthenogenesis: How an anaconda gave birth without a male

  1. Recently,the New England Aquarium in the US has announced that a virgin anaconda had given birth during the winter.But the aquarium does not have a male anaconda.This is only the second known case of parthenogenesis in green anacondas.
  2. The term parthenogenesis is an amalgam of the Greek word parthenos meaning virgin and genesis meaning origin.
  3. Parthenogenesis is defined as a reproductive strategy that involves development of a female (rarely a male) gamete (sex cell) without fertililisation. Many species that reproduce through parthenogenesis do not reproduce sexually.
  4. A gamete is the eggs in females and sperm in males.In animals, parthenogenesis means development of an embryo from an unfertilised egg cell.
  5. About 2,000 species are known to reproduce through parthenogenesis, which is one of the known means of asexual reproduction.Grafting (of plants) is also a type of asexual reproduction.
  6. Further,babies born through parthenogenesis are clones of the mother because there has been no exchange and rearrangement of genetic information with another individual as happens in case of a sexual reproductive process.

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