Pasupu Kumkuma’: Andhra govt scheme for women gets EC nod

  1. The Election Commission (EC) has passed an order stating that any money transfer under the ‘Pasupu Kumkuma’ scheme will not violate the Model Code of Conduct(MCC).
  2. The Commission has said that the Model Code of Conduct does not come in the way of the schemes that have been launched before MCC kicks in,especially if the beneficiaries have been identified beforehand. Hence,any money transfer under the Pasupu Kumkuma cannot be seen as a violation of the poll code.
  3. Pasupu Kumkuma was launched by Andhra Pradesh Government in February,2019.The scheme aims to provide financial help to women registered with self-help groups.
  4. Each beneficiary is provided Rs 10,000 cash and a smartphone. According to the scheme,about 93 lakh women will be benefitted and the financial help will be paid in three separate instalments.
  5. Model code of Conduct (MCC) are the guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India for conduct of political parties and candidates during elections mainly with respect to (a)speeches (b)polling day (c)polling booths (d)election manifestos (e)processions and (f)general conduct.
  6. The MCC comes into force immediately on the announcement of the election schedule by the commission. The Code remains in force till the end of the electoral process.