PM Modi to head Cabinet committees on growth, employment

  1. The Government of India has reconstituted six Cabinet Committees and has formed two new Committees.
  2. The committees includes (a)Appointments Committee of the Cabinet (b)Cabinet Committee on Accommodation (c)Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (d)Cabinet Committee on Parliamentary Affairs (e)Cabinet Committee on Political Affairs and (f)Cabinet Committee on Security
  3. The two new cabinet committees formed are (a)Cabinet Committee on Investment and Growth and (b)Cabinet Committee on Employment and Skill Development.
  4. The six committees will be headed by the Prime Minister.The two remaining committees which are Committees on Parliamentary Affairs and Accommodation will be chaired by the Home Minister.
  5. The two new Cabinet committees have been constituted to address the twin problems of sluggish economic growth and rising unemployment.
  6. This committee on Investment and growth will be a focussed group to take measures to bring investments and spur growth in the critical sectors including infrastructure, manufacturing and agriculture.

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