Prime minister launches Fit India School grading system

News:Prime Minister has launched the Fit India School grading system in schools across the country.


About Fit India School grading system:

  • The Fit India School rankings have been divided into three categories namely The Fit India Schools which is the first level of ranking, Fit India School (3 star) and Fit India School (5 star).
  • The level of ranking depends on how much importance the school gives to inculcating fitness among its students and teachers, besides facilities available for fitness activities.
  • The schools that achieve this ranking will also be able to use the Fit India logo and flag.
  • Further,the Schools can declare themselves as fit by visiting the Fit India portal.

Additional information:

About Fit India movement:

  • Prime minister had launched the Fit India Movement on the occasion of National Sports day.
  • The movement aims to encourage Indians to include fitness activities and sports in their daily lives to pave way for a healthy and fit lifestyle.
  • The movement was launched as many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and hypertension are increasing in India.Hence,small lifestyle changes can prevent these diseases.