Release of Dictionary of Martyrs of India’s Freedom Struggle (1857-1947)

  1. Prime minister has released the Dictionary of Martyrs of India’s Freedom Struggle in New Delhi.The dictionary consists of Information of about 13,500 martyrs which has been recorded in different volumes.
  2. The project for compilation of “Dictionary of Martyrs” of India’s Freedom Struggle was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, to the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) to commemorate the 150th anniversary of uprising of 1857.
  3. In this dictionary,a martyr has been defined as a person (a)who died or who was killed in action or in detention or (b)was awarded capital punishment while participating in the national movement for emancipation of India.
  4. The dictionary includes (a)ex-INA or ex-military personnel who died fighting the British (b)martyrs of 1857 Uprising (c)Jallianwala Bagh Massacre (1919) (d)Non-Cooperation Movement (1920-22) (e)Civil Disobedience Movement (1930-34) (f)Quit India Movement (1942-44) (g)Revolutionary Movements (1915-34) (h)Kisan Movements (I)Tribal Movements, (j)Agitation for Responsible Government in the Princely States (Prajamandal) (k)Indian National Army (INA, 1943-45) (l)Royal Indian Navy Upsurge (RIN, 1946).
  5. The Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) is an autonomous body of the Ministry of Human Resource Development.The body, over many years,has provided financial assistance to the historians and direction to the research scholars in their multifarious topics of historical research through established historians and scholars of the country.