Release of PM Modi biopic deferred till further orders from EC

  1. The Election Commission (EC) has deferred the release of the biopic on Prime Minister Narendra Modi till the elections are over.
  2. The EC has also prohibited public screening of any biopic material which could sub-serve the interest of a political party or candidate, while the Model Code of Conduct is in force. This has been done to ensure level playing field.
  3. The EC has further said that it would set up to examine and suggest appropriate actions against movies (certified by CBFC) which violate EC’s directives.  
  4. The Model Code of Conduct (MCC) doesn’t explicitly prohibit screening of films based on a candidate or a political party. Thus, the Election Commission has invoked its powers under Article 324 of the Indian Constitution to stop the release of the biopic.
  5. Under Article 324 of the Constitution, superintendence, direction and control of elections are bestowed upon the Commission.  It is the duty of the Commission to take necessary measures to create a level playing field and provide a conducive electoral environment to all the stakeholders.
  6. Earlier, the Supreme Court had dismissed a plea filed by an opposition party activist seeking a stay on the release of the biopic and asked him to raise the matter before the EC. The SC observed that it was too early to intervene as the Central Board of Film Certification had not yet certified the film.